Healthcare wastes management practices by public health facilities in Oshimili-South LGA of Delta State, South-South Nigeria

Healthcare wastes management practices by public health facilities in Oshimili-South LGA of Delta State, South-South Nigeria ( Vol-2,Issue-6,November - December 2017 )

Author: Eguvbe A.O., Egbagba J.E, Adam V, Ilika L.A.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.6.52

Keyword: Healthcare, waste, management, practices.

Abstract: Background: The sustainable management of Healthcare waste has continued to generate increasing public interest due to the health problems associated with exposure of human beings to potentially hazardous wastes arising from healthcare. Objectives: To ascertain the healthcare wastes management practices by public health facilities in Oshimili-South LGA of Delta State. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study. A multistage sampling technique was used in the selection of LGAs, healthcare facilities and respondents. There was Characterization and measurement (quantification) of waste. The study instrument was English language structured self administered questionnaire. The data obtained were analyzed using SPSS version 17. Results: Practice of wastes reduction 92 (24.2%), wastes recycling 46(12.1%) and wastes weighing 72(18.4%). Fifty nine point four percent (59.4%) of respondents use personal protective equipments when handling wastes. Most 214 (62.2%) reported that burning was their final healthcare wastes disposal methods. The doctors, pharmacists and laboratory scientists all reported 100% use of protective gadgets. While the nurses (56.9%) and the wastes handlers (50.9%) use protective gadgets. On the average, 2.40kg/bed/day of waste was generated by the health facilities. Conclusion: The study revealed that there was poor practice of waste segregation and recycling in all the facilities. There is need for more training.


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