Author Guidelines

Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts/papers of article/review article/research paper for publication in IJEAB using “ONLINE SUBMISSION” link on our website or through  /  . Submitted papers never been published or not submitted in any journal.

Manuscripts / papers submitted to the journal are accepted on the basis of following criteria:

  • Manuscripts/papers must be in English Language.

  • Accepted formatted of paper is MS Word format and LATEX.

  • Submitted Manuscripts/papers not been published in any journal.

  • Authors must give their contact details like. Email id, name etc.

  • Figures of manuscripts/papers should be in proper format.

  • After acceptance of manuscripts/papers author has to provide scanned copy of copyright form.

  • Before submission of paper author can go through following important notes:

Topics of Interest:

Environment: Researches in the field of environmental science such as Aquatic Sciences, Energy Resources and Conservation, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Physics, Environmental Health - Public Health, Environmental Law - Policy - Eco Justice, Environmental Management, Environmental Toxicology, Global Change, Climate Change, Monitoring, Environmental Analysis - Monitoring, Nature Conservation - Biodiversity, Pollution and Remediation, Soil Science, Sustainable Development.

Agriculture: Agricultural Diversification, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agro climatology, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Production, Energy Agriculture, Tissue Culture, Plant Culture, Aquaculture, farming,Toxicology and Waste management, Veterinary medicine, Irrigation and water management, Animal science: Animal breeding, Animal nutrition, Agronomy: Plant science, Theoretical production ecology, Horticulture, Plant breeding, Plant fertilization, Medicinal Plants, Biological engineering: Genetic engineering, Microbiology, Environmental science: Agricultural Biodiversity, Ecology, Food science: Nutrition, Safety, Storage, Management and Preservation, Soil science: Soil physics, Soil chemistry, Soil biology, Agrology, Plant Breeding, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural genetic.

Biotechnology: Researches in the field of biological science such as Animal Sciences, Botany, Bio Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Cell biology, biochemical , Cryobiology, Ecology, Ethno-biology, Food technology, Forestry Sciences, Fishery Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Genetic Engineering, Home Sciences, Life Sciences, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Medical Sciences, Nanotechnology, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toxicology, Veterinary Sciences, Zoology etc..