Plagiarism Policy

IJEAB Journal has a strong plagiarism policy. IJEAB never accept a papers that is derived from another paper while not giving proper reference. All the submitted papers passed through a Plagiarism Policy, at the start it's checked by a software system later it's checked by reviewer conjointly.

Plagiarism checking before publication:

IJEAB checks initial plagiarism using a software and handles it as follows:

<10 % Plagiarism: If we find Plagiarism <10% then we activate its paper id and send paper for further processing.

10-30 % Plagiarism: In this case we do not activate paper id and send back to the author for further revision.

>30 % Plagiarism: We reject paper / manuscript straight forward if Plagiarism is more than 30 % and ask author for complete revision of paper and re-submission.

Plagiarism after publication:

If we find Plagiarism in the published content then after verifying the copied content the paper may be retracted.

IJEAB always recommend to check Plagiarism before submission to the journal and they should not submit the same paper in more than one journal at the same time.

Plagiarism by any other Publisher

If IJEAB find our published paper copied by another author of different publisher and same publisher too, without proper reference then we will inform editor of that publication house with complete detail. After that it will be handled at editor level.

If your paper follows this Plagiarism Policy then you can send manuscript at or Online.

If want to check process of publishing you paper then you can check it here.