Publication Policies and Ethics (International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology)

General Responsibility of Editor

  1. Editor is authorized for selection and publication of Manuscript in journal.
  2. They endeavor to meet the needs of authors and improve their journal frequently.
  3. They should always ready to rectify the correction or mistakes and if need comment should be given to the author for further improvement.
  4. They evaluate will never be based on author’s name, philosophy, gender etc.
  5. Editor-in-chief is the person who select reviewers for reviewing the paper. And he will guide the reviewers to know the points need to follow at time of submission.
  6. If require editor can take help and confer with other editors or reviewers.
  7. If any plagiarism is found in your research paper it will be reject and for acceptance of paper make sure your paper follows the originality or clarity. And the right of publishing or rejecting is given to the editor.
  8. Editor can only share the details of manuscript with authorized reviewers, publisher or author. And your submitted paper is paper is under concealment.
  9. Without any signed agreement of author, editor is not able to use their unpublished information of their own research work.
  10. It is necessary to agree on all standards that expect the legal behavior for all.

General Responsibility of Reviewer

  1. Reviewer is responsible for reviewing the paper and if they found everything according to journal format. The paper is allowed to publish.
  2. They ensure that non-peer-reviewed sections of journal are clearly reread.
  3. Reviewers are selected by the Editor and they have no right to know the name of publisher or author.
  4. If they found themselves unqualified for reviewing the paper they can inform promptly to editor.
  5. Confidentiality is ensured, during review session reviewers could not disclose the information with any person.
  6. Reviews should define objectively. No personal criticism is allowed. Comment to author should be clearly defined so they can modify their paper accordingly.
  7. If manuscript is found copied reviewers need to inform the editor.
  8. Information that is unpublished in author’s manuscript couldn’t use by reviewers or editors for their personal research.
  9. Ensure that data collected through peer review is preserved and not used for individual benefits.
  10. Reviewers who have conflict of interest are accredited to disclose the info to other publishing supervisor or reviewers.

General Responsibility of Author

  1. Statistics of quantitative statement should be characterized exactly in paper.
  2. Accurate detail, objective, significance, conclusion ore reference is required in final research paper.
  3. Author should permit others to check the related information or if find any fraudulent or incongruous standards, it will not accepted.
  4. Make sure you have raw data and reference data of related research work with you, as sometime journal reviewers may ask for this.
  5. After publication authors should make sure the accessibility of paper for other professionals is at least for ten years.
  6. Ensure that their submitted work follows the originality, clarity or no plagiarism is there. And if copy case is found by review panel, they can reject the paper.
  7. Unethical behavior is when you submit the same paper in more than one journal.
  8. The corresponding authors should ensure that the final research paper is also approved by their co-authors.
  9. If any error or modification is needed and commented by the publisher, author responsibility is to improve it and again send it for publication.
  10. For project the financial support sources must be disclosed. At initial stage they can disclose the conflicts of interests which interpret their results.