A Review of Housing Problems

A Review of Housing Problems ( Vol-2,Issue-6,November - December 2017 )

Author: Igwe P.U., Okeke C.A., Onwurah K.O., Nwafor D.C., Umeh C.N.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.6.40

Keyword: Housing Problems, Low-income Earners, Overcrowding, Review. Sustainable Development.

Abstract: Housing problems occur both in rich and poor communities across the globe. The objective of this research is to review housing problems which lead to unwholesome environmental conditions. The method used is a review of academic articles, textbooks, internet materials, news articles and publicly available materials on housing problems. Previous authors whose works were reviewed have a convergent view on housing problems including overcrowding and congestion, poor accessibility, substandard and inadequate housing, high cost of building materials, high interest rate and lack of interest by financial institutions to facilitate loans to investors and uncoordinated policies by government. The paper made the following recommendations: (1) government should build low-cost houses to cater for the large number of people who, due to their low-income earnings could not afford a decent apartment; (2) formulation of economic, social and environmental policies that facilitate housing that is both affordable and sustainable by government; (3) improvement of sanitation in poor neighborhoods with poor housing conditions through urban renewal programme.

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