Identification of Distribution the Pineapple Mealybug Wilt Disease in the Pineapple plant in North Tapanuli

Identification of Distribution the Pineapple Mealybug Wilt Disease in the Pineapple plant in North Tapanuli ( Vol-2,Issue-5,September - October 2017 )

Author: Arta Junita Hutahayan

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.26

Keyword: Mealybug, North Tapanuli, Pineapple Disease, Wilt Symptom.

Abstract: Pineapple is one of the commodities of horticultural crops of fruits that have been developed by generations of people in the North Tapanuli Regency. Pineapple is a commodity mainstay of the community, where the planting spread in several districts, such as Sipahutar, Pangaribuan, Siborongborong and Tarutung. Sipahutar District is a pineapple production center in North Tapanuli Regency. Pineapple from Sipahutar, famous since the first because it has advantages compared with other pineapple that has a sweeter taste, water content slightly and texture more dense. The problem in pineapple cultivation lately is wilting mealybug disease because the losses incurred are very large. The purpose of this study was to detect and study infections from mealybug wilt disease in the field and the spread of mealybug wilt disease in some villages of pineapple planting centers in North Tapanuli region. The results of this study are expected to be information in controlling mealybug wilt disease in pineapple plants


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