Performance of Some Soybean Genotypes (Glycine max L.) to Germination and Seedling Characters as Affected by Planting Dates and Phosphorus Fertilization

Performance of Some Soybean Genotypes (Glycine max L.) to Germination and Seedling Characters as Affected by Planting Dates and Phosphorus Fertilization ( Vol-2,Issue-6,November - December 2017 )

Author: Kandil A.A., A.E. Sharief, A.N. Ramadan

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.6.54

Keyword: Soybean cultivars, planting dates, phosphorus fertilization rates, seed germination characters and seedling parameters.

Abstract: To investigate the performance of some sunflower genotypes to phosphorus fertilizer rates and planting dates to germination characters and seedling parameters. A laboratory experiment accompanied in seed lab during April and May 2017.The experiments included six sowing dates at 1th May, 15th May and 31th May, three soybean cultivars namely Crawford, Giza 22 and Giza 111 and three rates of phosphorus fertilizer viz. 0, 37.2 and 74.4 kg P2O5/ha.The tallest shoot, great percentages of germination, the lowermostpercentagesof dead seedand the highestcoefficient of velocitypercentage from sown on mid-May. In addition, the lowest days of germination time was produced from sown on first May. Whereas, the tallest root, the highest weight of fresh shoot and root as well as shoot dry weight from sown on end-May.The results clearly revealed that the highest percentage of germination, soot length and root length obtained from sown cv. Giza 111. The uppermostenergy of germination, shoot and root dry weight were recorded from sown Giza 22 cultivar. In addition, sown Crawford cultivar produced the highestdead seedpercentage and the lowest mean germination time.The results indicated that the lowest mean germination time and maximum percentage of coefficient of velocity, tallest shoot and root, weight of fresh shoot, shoot and dry root were obtained fromfertilizationof phosphate at the rate of31 kgP2O5/fed. It summarized that seed Giza 111 cultivar recorded the best in seed viability when sown on first May and fertilized with phosphorus fertilizer at the rate of 74.4 kg P2O5/ha.


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