Production Function Analysis of non-member of Dairy Cooperative Society for Milch cow in district Etawah of U.P.

Production Function Analysis of non-member of Dairy Cooperative Society for Milch cow in district Etawah of U.P. ( Vol-2,Issue-6,November - December 2017 )

Author: Dr Ashish Chandra

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.6.45

Keyword: Elasticity of fodder, Elasticity of concentrate, Elasticity of miscellaneous, Return to scale, Classification Code: Agriculture Management.

Abstract: This study covered Cobb douglas production function, Tukey and Kramer analysis on Non members dairy cooperative society for milch cow in district Etawah of U.P. In study researchers have taken post- stratified into Landless, Marginal, small, medium and large herd size categories. The study effect of various factors of production in (Rs.) like Feeding cost included (dry fodder + green fodder), expenditure of concentrate included (grain + khali + mineral material and chunni / choker) and miscellaneous expenses included (labor charge and fixed cost) on milk produced by the cow of dairy cooperative society non members in annual in different categories of farmers. Further, the researchers have found out the comparative analysis of all the categories of dairy cooperative society non members. At last Tukey and Kramer test was applied on all the category of dairy cooperatives society members in milch cow to get into the depth of the problem under investigation. This study is helpful to find out the elasticity of different factors of milk production and comparative analysis in all categories of members dairy cooperative society in milch Cow by Cob douglas production function analysis.


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