Vol-2, Issue-5, September - October 2017


Distribution and Seasonal Occurrence of major insect pests of cotton in Uganda

Author(s): Dennis Gayi, Geoffrey Lubbadde, Moses biruma, Samuel Echaku, Emmanuel Ejiet, Denis Ocen

Keywords: insect pests, cotton, uganda

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.1

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Radioprotective action of venom of honey bee Apis mellifera Caucasica

Author(s): Topchiyeva Shafiga, Babayev Elmar

Keywords: honey bee, Apis mellifera Caucasica, venom, radioprotective action.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.2

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Study of the Monthly and Annual Behavior of Temperature and its Impact on Climate Change in Iraq for the Period (1982-2012)

Author(s): Dr. Osama T. Al-Taai, Jamal S. A. Al-Rukabie, Iqbal H. Abdalkareem

Keywords: Temperature, Climate change, ECMWF, Meteorological factors, Iraq.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.3

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Exploration and Identification of Spermatophyta Plants Division that are potentially can be used for Medicine at Evergreen Forest taman Nasional Baluran Indonesia

Author(s): Joko Waluyo, Dwi Wahyuni, Pujiastuti, Nuri, Wiwien Suqih Utami

Keywords: identification, Medicinal plants, Spermatophyta Divison, Evergreen Forest.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.4

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Comparison of Different Models in Estimating Standard Evapotranspiration in Lampung Province, Indonesia

Author(s): Tumiar K Manik, Purba Sanjaya, R.A. Bustomi Rosadi

Keywords: Evapotranspiration, Standard Evapotranspiration, FAO 56 PM, Makkink Model.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.5

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Anthracnose Disease of Walnut- A Review

Author(s): Mudasir Hassan, Khurshid Ahmad

Keywords: Walnut, Anthracnose, Marssonina juglandis, Perpetuates, Management.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.6

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Perceived Effect of Climate Variability on Arable Crop Production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Author(s): Okringbo I. J., Ibe M. N., Oduehie T. C.

Keywords: Climate, variability, farmers, cassava, yam, cocoyam, production.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.7

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Effect of Different Levels of N.P.K. 15:15:15 Fertilizer Application on the Yield of Sweet Potato (Ipomea Batatas) in South-South Nigeria

Author(s): Nmor E.I, Okobia Uche B.

Keywords: sweet potato, number of leaves, length of vine, weight of tuber and number of leaves.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.8

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3D Arbitrary Channel Fabrication for Lab on a Chip Applications using Chemical Decomposition

Author(s): Jahan Zeb Gul, Jinhee Na, Kyung Hyun Choi

Keywords: Micro Channel, Arbitrary, 3D Micro Channel, Lab on a Chip.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.9

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Enhancement of protease production by Bacillus sp. and Micrococcus varians induced by UV-mutagenesis

Author(s): Chibani Hiba Rahman, Fellahi Soltana, Chibani Abdelwaheb

Keywords: Bcillus sp., Micrococcus varians,protease, UV-mutagenesis.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.10

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Ecology factor and Venom of snake Macrovipera lebetina obtusa

Author(s): Sh.A. Topchiyeva, H.A. Abiyev, E.T.Babayev

Keywords: snake, venom, Macroipera lebetina obtusa, Ecology factor radionuclides, radiation dose.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.11

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Climate Change farm-level Adaptation Measures among Soybean Farmers in Benue state, Nigeria

Author(s): Ikyoosu B. M, Ezihe J.A.C, Odoemenem I. U.

Keywords: Climate change, Farm-level, Adaptation, Measures, Soybean Farmers, Benue state.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.12

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Analysis of Yield Attributing Characters of Different Genotypes of Wheat in Rupandehi, Nepal

Author(s): Gobinda Pandey,Laxmeshwar Yadav, Anand Tiwari, Hom Bahadur Khatri, Samsher Basnet, Kamal Bhattarai, Binod Gyawali, Nabin Rawal, Narayan Khatri

Keywords: Genotypes, Wheat, Yield.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.13

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Diversity study of Drumstick (Moringaoleifera Lam.) using Microsatellite markers

Author(s): Amao A.O., Echeckwu C.A., Aba D.A., Katung M.D., Odeseye A.O.

Keywords: Moringaoleifera, molecular diversity, SSR Markers, gene diversity, PIC value.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.14

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Effect of pre-sowing Application of Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfur and its relationship on Egyptian Cotton Productivity

Author(s): Amany A.El-Ashmouny, Kholoud A.El-Naqma, Azza A. El-Hendawy

Keywords: Gossypium barbadense, fertilizer management, Macronutrients, pre-sowing.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.15

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Extraction and Quantification of Carpaine from Carica papaya Leaves of Vietnam

Author(s): Do Thi Hoa Vien, Tran Van Loc

Keywords: Alkaloid, Carica papaya leaves, carpaine, extract, purify, quantitative analyze.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.16

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Callus induction and plant regeneration via leaf segments of three accessions of African rice (Oryza glaberrimaStued.)

Author(s): R. G. Diawuoh, G. Y. P. Klu, H. M. Amoatey, S. A. Otu, K. Asare

Keywords: callus induction, Oryza glaberrima,picloram, plantlet regeneration and 2,4-D.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.17

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Age of Transplant and Row Spacing Effects on Growth, Yield and Yield Components of Chilli Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Author(s): M. E. Essilfie, H. K. Dapaah, E. Boateng, R. J. Damoah

Keywords: Age of transplant, row spacing, pepper, fruit yield, yield components.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.18

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Mathematical Modeling of Sun and Solar Drying Kinetics of Fermented Cocoa Beans

Author(s): Olabinjo O.O., Olajide J.O., Olalusi A .P.

Keywords: Thin-layer drying, moisture content, modelling,cut test, pH, Cocoa beans.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.19

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Screening of different Rice entries against Rice Gall Midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason)

Author(s): Atanu Seni, Bhima Sen Naik

Keywords: Gall midge, Chiplima, rice entries, screening, field.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.20

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Morphological and physiological variation among different isolates of Alternaria spp. from Rapeseed-Mustard

Author(s): Rufaida Monowara, Nazmoon Naher Tonu, Fatema Begum, Md. Masud Karim , Nazneen Sultana

Keywords: Alternaria brassicae, mustard, morphology, physiology, culture media, variability.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.21

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Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: A New Sour-Milk Product for Prevention and Treatment

Author(s): U.A. Zhumabayev, R.S. Naimanbayeva, N.O.Ibragimova, O.U.Agabek, AU Issayeva

Keywords: sour-milk bioproduct, diabetes mellitus, antioxidant protection.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.22

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Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of salt stress callus of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Author(s): K. Kalimuthu, A.Vanitha, Vajjiram Chinnadurai, R. Prabakaran

Keywords: Antioxidant, , Inhibition, In vitro, Stress tolerant callus, Solanum melongena.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.23

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Records of Arthropod Species Sampled from Avocado Plant (Persea americana Mill) in Small-scale Agro-ecosystems at Taita Hills and Mount Kilimanjaro

Author(s): Odanga J. James, Florence Olubayo, Richard Nyankanga, Sizah Mwalusepo, Tino Johansson

Keywords: Avocado, arthropods, East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, Taita Hills.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.24

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Collaborative Livelihood Strategy: A Reflection of Social Network in Economic Activity (Case Study in Small Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesian)

Author(s): August E. Pattiselanno, Massie. T.F. Tuhumury, Noviar F. Wenno, Junianita F. Sopamena

Keywords: economic behavior, social relationship, small island.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.25

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Identification of Distribution the Pineapple Mealybug Wilt Disease in the Pineapple plant in North Tapanuli

Author(s): Arta Junita Hutahayan

Keywords: Mealybug, North Tapanuli, Pineapple Disease, Wilt Symptom.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.26

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The Quality Characteristics of Camel Sausage Formulated with Different Levels of Whey Protein Powder

Author(s): Engy F. Zaki

Keywords: Camel sausage; Whey protein; Quality characteristics.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.27

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Isothermal and Batch Adsorption Studies of Malachite Green Oxalate Dye onto Activated Carbon from Snail Shell

Author(s): Ikhazuangbe P.M.O., Eruotor M.O.

Keywords: Adsorption, kinetic, Malachite green oxalate, snail shell, thermodynamic.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.28

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The nesting ecology of weaverbirds in Ekona farms, Southwest Region, Cameroon

Author(s): Melle ekane Maurice,Nkwatoh Athanasius Fuashi, Viku Bruno Agiamte-Mbom ,Tim Killian Lengha

Keywords: Weaver birds, population distribution, nesting behavior, nest building, weather.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.29

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Use of Remote Sensing Data to Detect Environmental Degradation in the Oil Rich Region of Southern Nigeria between 2003 and 2015

Author(s): Ojiako J.C, Duru U.U

Keywords: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Oil spill, Environmental degradation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.30

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The Effect on Solubility and pH of Sodium Chloride Solution by Magnetic Field

Author(s): Anjali Leal, P. S. Tarsikka

Keywords: Electrical conductivity, Hard water, Magnetic field, pH, Total dissolved salt.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.31

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Bioremediation of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soil from Abandoned Asa Dam Road Dumpsite

Author(s): Abdus-Salam Nasiru, Ademola Olamide Sodiq, Oyewumi-Musa Rukayat Titilayo

Keywords: Bioaccumulation, bioremediation,dumpsite, heavy metal, plants, soil.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.32

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Integrated Pest Management in Portugal: from Policies to Practices

Author(s): Cristina Amaro da Costa, Maria do Céu Godinho, José Lima Santos, António Mexia, Pedro Amaro

Keywords: farmers’ attitudes, indicators, motivations, sustainable farming practices.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.33

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Determinants of Rice Production and Marketing in low Producer Farmers: the Case of Fogera Districts, North-Western Ethiopia

Author(s): Astewel Takele

Keywords: Rice, marketing, concentration ratio, S-C-P model, Ethiopia.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.34

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Assessment of the Relative Suitability of Three Different Soils for Dry Season Lettuce Production in Ghana

Author(s): Benette Yaw Osei, Martha Agyiri, Emmanuel Kwasi Aseidu, Kofi Agyarko

Keywords: Calcic Vertisol (Akuse series), Chromic Luvisol (Bediest series), Lettuce, Rodic Nitisol (Ejura sesries).

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.35

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Chemical and Functional Characterization of Baobab (Adansonia Digitata L.) Seed Protein Concentrate using Alcohol Extraction Method

Author(s): Adenekan M.K., Fadimu G.J., Odunmbaku L.A., Nupo S.S., Oguntoyinbo S.I., Oke E.K.

Keywords: Baobab, protein concentrate, alcohol, chemical composition, functional properties.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.36

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Response of hydro-physical properties of a Chromic Luvisol in Ghana to different methods of application of Mucuna pruriens as a soil amendments

Author(s): Benette Yaw Osei, Kofi Agyarko, Kwabena Kyere, Emmanuel Kwasi Asiedu

Keywords: Mucuna pruriens, live mulch, in-situ mulch, green manure, Chromic Luvisol.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.37

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Bioadsorption of Pb2+ and Cu2+ on Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Leaves

Author(s): Zeinab Ezzeddine, Effat Al Sayed, Hassan Rammal, Akram Hijazi, Hussein Hamad, Hanane Akhdar

Keywords: Biosorption, Eucalyptus leaves, copper, lead.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.38

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Genotype by environment interaction and stability of extra-early maize hybrids (Zea Mays L.) for yield evaluated under irrigation.

Author(s): M. S. Koroma, M. Swaray, R. Akromah, K. Obeng-Antwi

Keywords: Genotype, Interaction, Genotype by Environment.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.39

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Forecasting Biomass Loss and Carbon Released to the Atmosphere as a Result of Habitat Conversion of Eastern Selous-Niassa TFCA

Author(s): Adili Y. Zella, Josephat Saria, Yohana Lawi

Keywords: Habitat conversion, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Biomass, Carbon

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.40

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Functional plasticity and tolerance to drought conditions of 11 apple tree varieties grown in Morocco

Author(s): Ouassat S., Allam L.

Keywords: Malus, Apple varieties, transpiration, stomata, stomatal resistance.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.41

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The Effects of Climate Change Phenomena on Cocoa Production in Malaysia

Author(s): Ali Chizari, Zainalabidin Mohamed, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Kelly Wong Kai Seng

Keywords: Cocoa, Climate Change, ARDL, RCM, MCB.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.42

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Comparative Economic Analysis of Cassava Mosaic Disease-Resistant Varieties and Non-Resistant Varieties Production in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria

Author(s): Rachel G. Isonguyo, Raphael A. Omolehin

Keywords: Comparative economic analysis: Cassava Mosaic Disease-resistant, non-resistant-varieties production.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.43

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Growth Pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in different wastewater media

Author(s): Aderiye Babatunde Idowu, Oluwole Olusola Adeoye, Sulaimon Adebisi M, Bello Mustapha Oladapo

Keywords: restaurant, domestic wastewater, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, synthetic wastewater, lipase, 16s rRNA sequencing.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.44

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Allelopathic Effects of Sweet Basil (Ocimumbasilicum L.) on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of some Poaceous Crops

Author(s): Awadallah B. Dafaallah, Sara Al. Ahmed.

Keywords: Allelopathic; Allelochemicals; Sweet Basil;Ocimum; Poeaeae; sorghum; millet; maize; wheat.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.45

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Effects of Electromagnetic fields on the Physicochemical Properties of Waste Water Samples from Selected Industries in Akure Metropolis

Author(s): Boboye B., Adetuyi F. C., Balogun O. B.

Keywords: Wastewater, Electromagnetic field, Microorganisms, bacteriological analysis.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.46

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Yellow Cassava Attributes Influencing its Utilization among Cassava Processors in Oyo State, Nigeria

Author(s): R. G. Adeola, K. Y. Ogunleye, I. F. Bolarinwa

Keywords: Yellow cassava, Processors, Utilization, Vitamin A, Attributes.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.47

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Life Cycle Analysis of the panela agroindustry: Intensification for its development

Author(s): Walter Francisco Quezada Moreno, Walter David Quezada Torres, Erenio González Suárez, Marcia Judith Torres Tambo, Franklin Antonio Molina Borja, Nancy Fabiola Moreano Terán, Amaury Pérez Martinez

Keywords: Agroindustry panelera, Sweeteners, Intensification, Environmental assessment.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.48

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Assessment of the Effects of Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS) on the Output of Dry Season Rice Farmers before and after Scheme Participation in Sokoto State, Nigeria

Author(s): Sidi S.H., Abubakar B. Z, Ango A. K.

Keywords: Assessment; Effects; GESS; Output; Dry season farmers; before and after; Participation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.49

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Spatial characterization of common blossom thrips (Frankliniella schultzei) in smallholder avocado orchards along slopes of Taita Hills and Mount Kilimanjaro

Author(s): Odanga J. James, Samira Mohamed, Florence Olubayo, Richard Nyankanga, Irine A. Otieno, Sizah Mwalusepo, Geoffrey Mwachala, Tino Johansson

Keywords: Avocado, East Africa, Frankliniella schultzei, Mount Kilimanjaro, Taita Hills.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.50

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Stem Cells from a Biological Perspective in Animals: A Review

Author(s): M. A. Khan, Archana Jain, J. Shakkarpude

Keywords: Stem cell, Types, Identification, Properties, Cell potency, Stem cell therapy, Medical use.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.51

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Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Microbial Load of Waste Water Samples from Selected Industries in Akure Metropolis

Author(s): Adetuyi F. C., Boboye B., Balogun O. B.

Keywords: Wastewater, Electromagnetic field, Microorganisms, bacteriological analysis.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.52

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Response of Irrigated Groundnut to Polythene Mulching on Broad Bed and Furrows during the Low Temperature Months in Nigeria

Author(s): Hakeem Ayinde Ajeigbe, Babu Nagabushan Motagi, Shiyanbola Abiodun Abdulsalam

Keywords: Broad Bed and Furrow, Groundnut varieties, Polythene Mulch, Temperature and Yield.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.53

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Assessment of Yield and Yield Attributing Characters of Hybrid Maize using Nutrient Expert® Maize Model in Eastern Terai of Nepal

Author(s): Samjhana Khanal, Bishal Dhakal, Keshav Bhusal, Lal Prasad Amgain

Keywords: grain yield, maize, nutrient expert.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.54

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Nitrogen Adequacy of Green Fertilizer in the Production of Vegetables

Author(s): Adielle Rodrigues da Silva

Keywords: Organicproduction, Sustainability, Soilfertility.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.55

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Bioremediation of Nitro-aromatics: An Overview

Author(s): N.S. Kasture

Keywords: Bioremediation, enzyme, nitro-aromatic compounds, phytoremediation, rhizoremediation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.56

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Determination of Anthocyaninsin Red Grape Juices Made From Different Varieties by HPLC

Author(s): İlkay Türkmen Özen, Aziz Ekşi

Keywords: cyanidin-3-glucoside, delphinidin-3-glucoside, malvidin-3-glucoside, peonidin-3-glucoside, petunidin-3-glucoside.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.57

Total View: 132 Downloads: 15 Page No: 2720-2726 More Information...


Productivity and Profitability Assessment of Drought Tolerant Rice Cultivars under Different Crop Management Practices in Central Terai of Nepal

Author(s): Bishal Dhakal, Samjhana Khanal, Lal Prasad Amgain

Keywords: B:C ratio, crop management practices, productivity, rice, SRI.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.58

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Effect of Organic Nutrition in the Nursery Growth and Nutrimental Content of Native Avocados of Ometepec, Guerrero, Mexico

Author(s): Damián-Nava A., Arellano-Roque L., Hernández-Castro E., Palemón-Alberto F., Cruz-Lagunas B., Vargas-Álvarez D., Díaz-Villaseñor G., Leiva-Rojo E. I., Ramírez-Pisco R.

Keywords: Native Avocados, Vegetative Growth of Rootstocks, Organic Nutrition.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.59

Total View: 118 Downloads: 25 Page No: 2732-2739 More Information...


Potential of silicon fertilization in the resistance of chestnut plants toink disease(Phytophthora cinnamomi)

Author(s): Andreia Carneiro-Carvalho, Catarina Pereira, Tiago Marques, Luís Martins, Rosário Anjos, Teresa Pinto, José Lousada, José Gomes – Laranjo

Keywords: Biotic stress, Castanea sativa Mill, Fungitoxic, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Resistance, Silicon.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.60

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Physico-Chemical and Microbial Analysis of Drinking Water of Four Springs of Danyore Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Author(s): Samina Kanwal, Saif-Ud-Din, Khalil Ahmed, Maisoor Ahmed Nafees, Sheheryar Anwar

Keywords: Drinking water, springs, Heshi, Kitaab Roong, Kooti, UV Spectrophotometer, Membrane Filtration Technique, Pour Plate Technique.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.61

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Extending Shelf Life of Guava Fruits by Mint oil and UVC Treatments

Author(s): Esameldin Bashir Mohamed Kabbashi, Islam Kamal Saeed, Mawahib Yagoub Adam

Keywords: Guava, fruit flies, mint oil, UVC & quality.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/2.5.62

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