Vol-1, Issue-1, May - June 2016


Land Use Land Cover Change Detection by Using Remote Sensing Data in Akaki River Basin

Author(s): Adimasu Woldesenbet Worako

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Water Supply and Health: Drinking water and Sanitation Coverage in Ethiopia 1990 - 2015 Review

Author(s): Thewodros Bekele , Seyoum Leta

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Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers on Leaf Mineral Content of Plantain (CV. Nendran) and on the Nutritional Status of Studied Soil

Author(s): S. K. Mahato, S. Gurung, B. Chhteri, C. P. Suresh

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Assessment of Feed Resource Availability and Quality in Kedida Gamela District, Southern Ethiopia

Author(s): Mengistu Lemma, Tegene Negesse, Ajebu Nurfeta

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The Ecological Impacts of Light Pollution at Night-time a Mechanistic Appraisal

Author(s): Abdullahi MG, Roslan U, Kamarudin M. K. A.

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Effect of Preceding Crops and Nitrogen Rates on Post Harvest Attributes Of Winter Hybrid Maize (Zea Mays L)

Author(s): B.P. Yadav, D. N.Yadav, K.B. Koirala, K.R. Pandey , R.B.Thapa

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Assessment of Phycoremediation Efficiency of Spirogyra Sp. Using Sugar Mill Effluent

Author(s): Vinod Kumar, Prabhav Gautam, Jogendra Singh, Roushan K. Thakur

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Pathways to Reduce the Environmental Footprints of Energy Inputs in Sesame Production in Jigawa State, Nigeria

Author(s): Sadiq M S., Singh I.P., Umar S.M., Grema I.J., Usman B.I., Isah M.A., Saleh A.M.

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Price Transmission, Volatility and Discovery of Gram in Some Selected Markets in Rajathan State, India

Author(s): Sadiq, M S., Singh, I.P., Suleiman Aminu, Umar, S.M., Grema, I.J., Usman, B.I., Isah M.A., Lawal A. T

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