Vol-1, Issue-2, July - August 2016


Therapeutic Survey of Wild Medicinal Flora of Soan River, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Author(s): Hafsa Bashir, Shiekh Saeed Ahmad

Keywords: Ethano-botanical uses, Herbal medicinal uses, Soan Valley, Traditional medicinal uses, Therapeutic uses.

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Strain Improvement of Yoghurt Starter Cultures for the Use in Food & Dairy Industry

Author(s): Birajadar Suryakant Ramchandrappa, M.Rajashekhar, R. Kelamani Chandrakanth, K Vijaykumar

Keywords: Yoghurt, Lactic acid Bactria, Food industry

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Seasonal Variation in Primary Productivity of Freshwater Reservoirs of Yadigir District, Karnataka, India

Author(s): Basawarajeshwari. Indur, Ramakrishna Reddy, K Vijaykumar

Keywords: Gross primary productivity, Net primary productivity Mailapur reservoir.

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Technologies for Oil Extraction: A Review

Author(s): Siraj MohamadAli Sheikh, Zakiuddin Syed Kazi

Keywords: oil extraction, oil bearing agricultural products, Vegetable oil extraction.

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Feasibility of Compostable Bags for disposal of Solid Waste in Urban Households

Author(s): Yashika Grover, SushmaGoel

Keywords: Biodegradable waste; Biodegradable plastic carry bags; Composting; Compostable carry bags.

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Production, Marketing and Value Chain Analysis of Guava in Allahabad District of Uttar Pradesh, India

Author(s): Preksha Manna, Atul Anand Mishra, R.N. Shukla

Keywords: Value Chain Analysis (VCA), marketing, producer.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.3

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Soybean Yield Gap Analysis through Front Line Demonstration in Satpura Plateau of Madhya Pradesh

Author(s): R.L. Raut, V.K. Verma, R.D. Barpete, Sanjay Jain

Keywords: Krishi Vigyan Kendra, JNKVV, oil.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.4

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Stimulatory Effect of the Magnetic Treatment Prior to Sowing on the Germination and Initial Growth of Triticale Seeds

Author(s): M.Florez, M.V. Carbonell, E.Martinez, J.Alvarez

Keywords: Germination, magnetic treatment, , pre-sowing treatment, X Triticosecale Wittmack.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.5

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Effectiveness of sustainable dishwashing practices on resources used by Households and Food Catering Units

Author(s): Gursimar Kaur Chandhok, Sushma Goel

Keywords: Resources used, Dishwashing practices, Water conservation, Reuse and Recycle of waste water.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.6

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Beneficial Bacillus Strains Improve Plant Resistance to Phytopathogens: A Review

Author(s): Sergiu Fendrihan, Florica Constantinescu, Oana-Alina Sicuia, Sorina Dinu

Keywords: Bacillus strains, biological control, resistance to phytopathogens, endophytes, rhizosphere.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.7

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An introduction to Pepino (Solanum muricatum Aiton): Review

Author(s): S. K. Mahato, S. Gurung, S. Chakravarty, B. Chhetri, T. Khawas

Keywords: Pepino, micronutrient, quality.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.8

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Inclusive Financial Services of Microfinance Banks for Inclusive Agricultural Development in Anambra State, Nigeria

Author(s): Achoja Felix Odemero, Ewuzie Peace Obianujunwa

Keywords: Inclusive, financial services, microfinance, banks, agricultural development.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.9

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Resilience of Poultry Agribusiness to Climate Stress in the Nigeria

Author(s): Achoja Felix Odemero, Okpara Oghenesuvwe

Keywords: Resilience, Poultry, Agribusiness, Climate, Stress.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.10

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Response of Running Shoot tips of Strawberry (Fragaria x ananasa) for in vitro Propagation in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Author(s): Gharbia H. Danial , Diaa A. Ibrahim , Mobasher S. Omer

Keywords: Strawberry, shoot multiplication, Micropropagation, TDZ.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.11

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Analysis of Rainfall through Space - Time during 1999-2014 in Salem District, South India

Author(s): P.Arulbalaji, B.Gurugnanam

Keywords: Variability, Precipitation Ratio, time, Space.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.12

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A Study on Awareness Levels and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Variability among Farmers

Author(s): Dr. Ch. Srilatha Vani, Dr. P. B. Pradeep kumar

Keywords: Conservation agriculture, Crop insurance, capacity building.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.13

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Effect of Smoking Habit, Working Time and Cotton Dust to Pulmonary Function

Author(s): Amalia Riza, Tri Martiana, Soenarnatalina

Keywords: Smoking Habit, Working Time, Pulmonary Function.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.14

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Using of Landsat Images for Land Use Changes Detection in the Ecosystem: A Case Study of the Senegal River Delta

Author(s): M. A. Toure, M. L. Ndiaye, V. B. Traore, G. Faye, B. Cisse, A. Ndiaye, C. T.Wade

Keywords: Remote sensing, Land-use change, Climate change and variability, Landsat images, anthropic ecosystems of Delta, Senegal

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.15

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Phytoremediation Potential of Eichhornia crassipes(Mart.) Solms

Author(s): Sangya S. Bais, Lawrence K., Pandey A. K.

Keywords: Oxidative stress, antioxidant enzymes, bioremediation, aquatic pollution, peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase, ascorbate peroxide.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.16

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Harnessing Indigenous Technical Knowledge for Pest Management in Pea Crop

Author(s): Neha Makol,Dr. Puja Gupta

Keywords: Chemical Pesticides, Efficacy, Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK), Pea, Potential biopesticide (PBP).

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.2

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Pathogenic and Molecular Characterization of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri Causing Chickpea Wilt through ISSR Markers

Author(s): Pravin D.Gajbhe, Madhuri Katkar, S.S.Mane, P.V.Jadhav

Keywords: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri, ISSR Markers, Pathogenic variation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.1

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Behaviour of High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam under Cyclic Loading

Author(s): N.Parthasarathi,K.S.Satyanarayanan, V.Tamilarasu, M.Prakash

Keywords: High Performance concrete, steel fibers , Ductility, Stiffness degradation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.17

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Standardization, Characterization and Shelf Life Studies on Sandge, a Traditional Food Adjunct of Western India

Author(s): Renu Khedkar, Pratima Shastri, Amarinder Singh Bawa

Keywords: adjunct, carrot, drying, packaging, nutritional composition,sandge, sorption isotherm , sensory values.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.18

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Diversity and Abundance of Birds of Prey and Owls in Four selected Areas in South Western Nigeria

Author(s): Okosodo E.F., Orimaye J. O., Odewumi O.S

Keywords: Prey, Owls, LFCW , OOYP, ONP, IFR.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.19

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Diet and Foraging Ecology of Fork Tailed Drongo (Dicrurusadsimilis) in Leventis Foundation Nigeria, Agricultural School South West Nigeria

Author(s): Okosodo E.F.,Orimaye J.O. ,Odewumi O.S

Keywords: Avian species, Diet, Foraging ecology, Foraging strategies, and Conservation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.20

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Water Related Poverty among Farm Households in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Author(s): Ufiem O.O, Umeh G.N, Alimba J.O

Keywords: Water, Related, Poverty, Farm Households, Ebonyi State.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.21

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Micronutrients: A Current Status and its Symptoms on Crops

Author(s): Rakesh Giri Goswami, Thaneshwar Kumar, Ashish Kumar Singh, Surbala Painkra

Keywords: Essential element, Micronutrient, growth, metabolism, symptoms.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.22

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Evaluation of impact of participatory Forest Management on forest cover of West Bengal through real time monitoring using Remote Sensing Technology

Author(s): Atanu Kumar Raha, Amitav V. Mishra, Sumita Ghatak, Sumana Bhattacharjee, Srilekha Raha, Souvik Saha, Ranajit Sengupta

Keywords: Forest Cover in West Bengal, ERDAS software, ARCINFO software, Forest Survey of India, RS, GIS, Joint Forest Management, Monitoring afforestation, Forest cover mapping using Remote Sensing, Tree cover assessment.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.23

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Contributions of Urban Mixed-Cropping to Household Food Security in Nigeria and Around the Globe

Author(s): Kuye O. O., Ettah O. I.

Keywords: Urban, Urbanization, Mixed-cropping, Household, Food security.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.24

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Pathological, Bio-chemical and Molecular diversity amongst the isolates of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri causing Citrus canker in acid lime from different agro-climatic region of India

Author(s): Madhuri Katkar, K.S.Raghuwanshi, V. P. Chimote, S.G.Borkar

Keywords: Biochemical test , ERIC, Detached leaf assay, REP, Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Citri.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/1.2.25

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