Vol-3, Issue-4, July - August 2018


Productivity of Soybean on Different Agroecosystems

Author(s): Dewi Rumbaina Mustikawati, Nina Mulyanti, Ratna Wylis Arief

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.1

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Soil - Plant Nutrient Correlation Analysis of Maize Varieties at the Guinea Savannah

Author(s): Olowookere B. T., Oyerinde G.T

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.2

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Effect of Compost Made from Decomposing Cocoa Pod and Animal Dung on the Yield of Maize Crop

Author(s): Adegunloye D. V, Olotu T. M

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.3

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The Development of Rubber, Coffee and Palm Oil Commodity in South Sumatra, Indonesia using Swot Analysis

Author(s): Syamsurijal A. Kadir, Rulyanti Susi Wardhani, Nurkadina Novalia, Ahmad Maulana

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.6

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Perception of Household on Greening methods to Ameliorate Climate change in South-West of Oyo State

Author(s): Oyewole O.O, Ogunwale O. G., Ajanaku A. O., Nwachi A. C.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.7

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Evaluation of herbicides and their combinations for weed control in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): Ekamdeep Kaur, Rakesh Sharma, ND Singh

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.9

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Effect of Compost Extract Fortified with Tempe on Chili Mosaic Virus Disease

Author(s): Arumbinang Wajdi, Suwandi Suwandi, Chandra Irsan, A. Muslim, Harman Hamidson

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.10

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Antioxidant activity, photosynthetic rate, and Spectral mass in bean Plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Response to Stress Defense Activators

Author(s): Nazario Francisco Francisco, Gabriel Gallegos Morales, Adalberto Benavides Mendoza, Francisco Daniel Hernández Castillo, Yisa María Ochoa Fuentes, Francisco Castillo Reyes, Raúl Rodríguez Herrera

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.22161/ijeab/3.4.12

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Performance of EcoSan Toilets at Majumbasita in Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania

Author(s): AS Mahenge

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First Report of ethnobotanical studies of tehsil Noorpur Thal, District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan

Author(s): Zaheer Yousaf

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Effect of Carom Seed Oil on the Antimicrobial, Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of Starch Based Edible Film

Author(s): UpasanaYadav, Aarati Pushparaj, Anchal, Yavanika Verma

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Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Somatic Embryogenesis Induction in Seriphidium herba-album

Author(s): Hemaid I. A. Soliman, Fatma M. Abo-El-Hasan, Ayman S. El-seedy, Yasser M. Mabrouk

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Determinant of Non-Organic Farming in Enrekang District of South Sulawesi

Author(s): Ansyar, Hatta Jamil, Muhammad Arsyad

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